Thursday, March 4, 2010

Amazing Video Related To Increase Web Site Traffic by thinkbigsites Video

If you want to increase web site traffic, build your business online through internet. View a video on CNBC submitted by a company called and here thety have shown how they are using marketing tools to change the face of the internet. After going through the video you will learn the marketing tactics.

The internet is a growing entity of websites, blogs, chat rooms, videos, and stores. More and more people are surfing the web every day. Everyone I know is always on line for one reason or another. I use the internet to look up information, search for addresses or directions, to pay my bills, chat with people on my space or face book, buy books and movies, and so much more.

So this video was about how companies and small business are trying to find new ways if marketing their businesses. Because lots of the avenues that once provided get marketing resources are too expensive and don’t provide as much traffic as before.  There is one entity, the internet, which is being used by millions and millions of people every day and is still growing. With so much website traffic happening on a daily basics many business are using the internet to sale their products and services and to market their businesses.
The internet is a vast network of billions of website which makes its hard for businesses to stay completive and be on the cutting edge of an always changing world. To stay completive many businesses hire a marketing firm to handle all the details involved in getting a website from the 6th page on Google to the 1st page.  Marketing firms employ a process called search engine optimization (this is a term used to describe the process by which websites improve their website traffic).

After watching the video I can see why businesses would want to use the internet to market their businesses. It cost less than TV and other methods of marketing and more people surf the internet then most other things. But since so many people surf the internet businesses have to really work on staying ahead of their competition. I guess this is why they hire marketing firms and try to improve their website traffic by search engine optimization.

I think that it’s cool to see all the new developments that are happening with businesses on the internet!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

SEO: Fulfill the Purpose of Your Website

Life has a purpose and so a website has. Its purpose is to be ahead in the competition among online ventures and for the same purpose it uses SEO.

What is the purpose of any kind of marketing? In fact the single purpose of any kind of marketing is revenue and it is sure that if your company has an online presence then you would be striving hard to make it profitable. If you want to achieve it then it is necessary that your website is search engine optimized. Your website must mark its presence in the search results otherwise it is possible that you are offering best of the services and products, but still you can not sell them because there is no web-traffic.

Situation like this can be very dangerous for the purpose of your website. In such cases, Internet experts advise to opt for SEO or search engine optimization. Through this particular service you can reach to your new prospects and increase revenue of your site. SEO involves an in depth analysis of your website to identify areas where the website lacks.

After identification of such areas an SEO expert can advise a customized marketing strategy to enhance the search engine placement. You can seek advices on different aspects like the server, the content and even the website code. SEO also involves website redesigning service which can help in making the website reach the top ten search results.

Through search engine optimization you are in great monetary benefit as a place on the top 10 ranks in SERPs reduces the pain of involving a PPC campaign. So, opt for SEO and get the services regarding keyword research & recommendations, search engine friendliness issues, core competence analysis, content creation suggestions, design usability & user experience suggestions, recommendations for avoiding negative search engine issues, link acquisition suggestions etc. This is the perfect way to fulfill the purpose of a website.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SEO Services: Because its Good to Be at Top

What is the ultimate need of a website? Perhaps to have a good place in search engine result pages. And for this reason people are opting for SEO services.

Internet marketing is a keyword based business. People come to the search engines and type a keyword related to a product. Now, various companies related to that keyword come in the search result pages. And this is how people do online shopping. If you have a website and you are selling products through it, then it is necessary that your website is search engine optimized and for that you can use SEO services.

This is also true that online medium is a competitive market which require complete devotion and firm work from a person who wants to run a victorious online business. Many types of online businesses can gain profit from having a website. With the help of professional SEO services you can increase your online sales and also get more customers.

These SEO professional optimize your website to make it more search engine friendly and helps in increasing your online presence dramatically. Some of the SEO services provided by Internet marketing companies are Competitor analysis, Website analysis, Keyword research, Link building, Website optimization, Blog marketing, Google analytics, Social media marketing etc.

All these services are helping various companies in getting a respectable search engine ranking. Many companies are experiencing a good web presence by being on top of the search engine result pages for many targeted keywords. This is why SEO services are the latest buzz words.
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Services That Your Website Will Need

Any website that is being projected in the search engine optimization pages, has definitely undertake some or the other search engine optimization service be it pay per click advertising or organic search services. Listing in the search engines is impossible without search engine optimization services. Talking about these SEO services, we shall discuss the most effective and unavoidable search engine optimization techniques that a website requires.

Topping the list here is the free search engine listing that is also known as organic search listing. When a website is optimized for certain keywords and is listed on the search engine index pages, the search robots crawl through the webpages in the site and provide a specific rank to the pages depending on the content, quality and importance of these pages. There has not yet been a detailed description on how, the search engine crawlers perform. The SEO keep debating in their search algorithm and have created an assumption of its activity which is carried out with a few variations across the globe.

The next essential search engine optimization service is the paid listing which, is extremely popular amongst businesses across the globe. Online businesses, that wish to get listed soon on the search engines, usually pay a certain amount of money to the search engines which is known as the bid amount which is divided into per click rate. The website links are then provided a desired position on the SERPs for the keywords on which they bid. Once the users click on those bid pages, the bid amount is deducted from their account. This is a quick process of getting traffic into the website which, has high potential of gaining leads too.

Apart from the two processes mentioned above, social media optimization is also an upcoming search engine optimization technique, that has made it possible to increase the visibility of the websites and make them more user friendly and content oriented. Content is known to be of prime importance in the search engines, and the USP of social media is that they are primarily content oriented, be it in the form of blogs, forums or discussion boards. Their uniqueness lies in the quick popularity that they have gained amongst the users. And this precisely is the reason why it is one of the most effective search engine optimization service.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Search Engine Optimization: Website Revenue Generator

For any Internet user search engine is like a religion. So it is necessary for any website to learn about search engine optimization techniques.

Internet is used, to a great extent, for information search. People search for product, people, services, latest gadgets, car accessories and for lot of other things. For searching they use keywords which they stuff in the search engines. And search engines produce websites related to those keywords in the form of search results. Now, if your website is providing some good product or service, then it is necessary that your website is search engine optimized. Otherwise it may fail to be available to your prospective customers.

In fact, search engine optimization is a technique which ensures that, if any Internet user is searching for your company, then it can become available to that user. For example, if you are making suspension bushes for cars and you are sure that these are the best bushes, then you must tell this to your customers. Now, if any Internet user search for the 'best suspension bushes' then your website must appear to him. If it is not search engine optimized then it is difficult. So it is suggested that you opt for some search engine optimization companies.

These companies make your website content-rich with appropriate number of keywords. In fact the first step in a search engine optimization technique is to choose keywords for each of your web pages. Keywords clearly describe the purpose and content of your site, and allow your site to show up as close to the first results page as possible. Also, a good position doesn't depend only on your choice of keywords but also on how well do you position those keywords in your web page.

Any SEO company make sure that you do your keywords selection right and position it on the proper place. Also, a search engine optimization company analyse demand and supply of keywords and then suggest you to use such and such keywords for such and such pages. This is how you can appear on the top of the search engine result pages. And this is the way to monetize your website.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tip - 8

While you are increasing your visibility of your newly optimized content, why not also look for ways to increase response from your current traffic too?

One way to increase "business response" with your current traffic is to offer a special promotion. This could be a seasonal promotion, a special offer or a discount on a product featured prominently on your home page. Offer something that is popular at the right price, but don't offer too many choices.

Increasing sales with your current traffic is just as nice as bringing in new traffic. When deciding what you will do, offer something priced for the spontaneous buyer.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tip - 7

Promoting your website is not restricted to have top rankings in search engines. Search engine optimization is important for increasing the visibility but writing for the audience has to be your first concern. If you will focus on both optimization and writing for the audience you might end up at a wrong end. Give your best when it is writing for the audience.

Search engines are driven by technology but a user utilizes his mind and understanding to comprehend the content. Before writing you should ask yourself as what is that you want a reader to do once he finishes reading the content. Has he been motivated enough to buy a product, comment on your news post or spread the name on your websites to others? Such questions are very important and if you have a commercial website it becomes all the more necessary. Also be careful not to make any false assumptions as they will take you away from the users.